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Penguins Box Lacrosse

The 2019/2020 Season is open for registration..

The registration for Penguins winter league is now CLOSED. 

Please go to the below link to register.

If you have any questions please email

Field League - Wednesday

The Falcon Field league will run on Wednesday Nights at Falcon (indoor) from 7:00 - 10:00 pm based on the grade.  This league will use Lacrosse field rules (Not Box Rules) with 7 on 7 with a field goalie.  There will be 2 attack, 3 middies and 2 attack along with a goalie.  Full equipment is needed and defense long poles can be used.  The games will last 1 hour and the teams will be determined based on the number of registers users.

Based on field availability we will not be running a 3rd/4th grade league, however you can add your 4th grader to the 5th/6th grade session if you feel it is appropriate. 


  • Session I $135/6 weeks
    • Grade: 5th/6th – Wednesday at 7:00 – 8:00 pm from 11/13 to 12/18
    • Grade: 7th/8th – Wednesday at 8:00 – 9:00 pm from 11/13 to 12/18
    • High School - – Wednesday at 9:00 – 10:00 pm from 11/13 to 12/18
  • Session II $185/9 weeks
    • Grade: 5th/6th – Wednesday at 7:00 – 8:00 pm from 1/8 – 3/4
    • Grade: 7th/8th – Wednesday at 7:00 – 8:00 pm from 1/8 – 3/4
    • High School - – Wednesday at 7:00 – 8:00 pm from 1/8 – 3/4
    • **Times and days are subject to change based off registration

Program Costs

  • Session I $135/6 weeks
  • Session II $185/9 weeks
  • BEST VALUE! Both Session I and II $300

Penguin's Box Lacrosse

Welcome to the Penguin's Box Lacrosse web site, your source for information to make your box lacrosse experience a success.  The website has been designed to assist coaches, parents, players, administrators, and officials find the information they need to stay informed.  We hope you find it useful and would welcome your feedback as we look to improve our site and your experience

Contact us at for any questions.

Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is the best way for young players to improve on their lacrosse skills.  There are fewer players on the field at one time, the walls keep the ball in play, they get more touches on the ball and they are able to develop their stick skills better in tighter spaces.  And more importantly it’s fun to play! This is why you see so many Canadian players dominating the college ranks these days as they grew up playing mostly box lacrosse and it shows through their superior skill sets.

For all these reasons, we are proud to present the Penguin’s Box Lacrosse League.

Proud Partner of Penguin's Lacrosse

We are a proud partner of the Penguin's Lacrosse Program that supports outdoor lacrosse.  For information on outdoor lacrosse, please visit the website at

Benefits of Playing Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is an extremely valuable background for a young player.  Players need to incorporate more of the indoor skills in to the field game. It is almost a requirement to have a top player with indoor experience on a successful team.

Box lacrosse is played in a much smaller space than it’s field counterpart. That space restriction creates a much faster tempo and requires quicker decision-making. Players in the box game grow more accustomed to handling the ball and scoring in traffic.

“The box game is played at a higher tempo than the field game and in a much tighter space.  “This sharpens a player’s ability to react and you find that players with box experience, in many cases, have superior stick skills than those who have never played the box game before.”

When returning to the field, players with box lacrosse experience typically have an advantage with more time and space. Coaches at the highest levels of NCAA Men’s Lacrosse have taken notice, and encourage participation in box lacrosse to their players and recruits.

Box lacrosse players are being recruited more and more at powerhouse NCAA schools, and one reason for that is their ability to score around the crease and in traffic.

“The hardest thing to do in the field game is to score goals and good indoor players have a special knack for it.  Box lacrosse players have special skills around the goal and in tight spaces. Their skills are so special that we should be looking closely at the box method of shooting and scoring.”

The benefits of a box lacrosse background aren’t only showing themselves on the offensive end either.

“What has changed recently is that box players have begun to excel at the defensive end of the field as well.  “It used to be that you looked primarily for offensive box players. Now, a good, physical athlete with a box background can develop in to a special defensive player. They tend to be more aggressive checking, are very good at picking the ball up off the ground and think creatively in the transition game.”

“One of the biggest benefits of playing box for a young lacrosse player is in the development of lacrosse IQ.  “Because everyone plays with a short stick [in box lacrosse], you have to focus on being a complete lacrosse player versus specializing as an attackman or d-man. That is how your IQ grows and skills improve.”